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Novosat Ltd is one of the leading Finnish data suppliers for cellular network planning in the telecommunication industry. Our activities enable flexible database production for both macro cell and micro cell planning purposes.

We specialize in processing and combining multisource data, e.g., maps, satellite images, aerial photographs and registers, to produce high quality database products. We have wide experience in working with both raster and vector data in different formats and coordinate systems. In addition to the high standard of professional skills and close cooperation with our partners, our work is based on a flexibility to tailor the end-products according to the customer's specified needs.

Our services to telecom network providers

Building and landuse classifications
Digital elevation model production
Utilization of remote sensing imagery (satellite images and aerial photos)
Format and coordinate system conversions
Data processing, analyses and visualization
Database creation and maintenance
Novosat has developed their Services solutions by utilizing the ESRI products ArcView, and ArcInfo .